Bear Lake Camping

RV Camping At A Lake

When you are ready to take your Box Elder County vehicle, pack up your friends and family, and go camp in a beautiful area, we have you covered. If you are curious where to camp at Bear Lake and the rules around camping at Bear Lake, get all the details here before you set off on your next adventure in the Cache County area. We will cover some of the best camping spots in the area, and answer questions, like:

  • How Much Does It Cost to Camp at Bear Lake?
  • Can You Have Alcohol at Bear Lake?
  • Can You Camp Anywhere on Bear Lake?
  • Can You Sleep on Bear Lake?

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Bear Lake Camping: Rules and Regulations

Before you pack up to head off on your camping trip, there are some things that are important to know so that you are prepared before you head off to the lake. Mountain West Motor answers some crucial questions below:

How Much Does it Cost to Camp at Bear Lake?

All campsites and yurts are available for reservation on a four-month rolling basis, here are the rates depending on your camping set up:

  • Tent Only: $25-$35
  • Standard Full Hookup: $35-$40
  • Primitive: $25-$30
  • Group Standard: $130.00-$300.00
  • Group Day Use: $100.00-$110.00
  • Boat Slip: $35.00-$40.00

Can You Have Alcohol at Bear Lake?

As long as you aren’t drinking and boating, alcohol is permitted at Bear Lake park. Just remember to responsibly remove your garbage and keep in mind rules and regulations enacted by local authorities. 



Where to Camp at Bear Lake? Can You Sleep Anywhere on Bear Lake?

If you are wondering where to camp at Bear Lake, keep in mind, there is no overnight camping or docking on the courtesy docks. On the south side, Bear Lake, Utah camping is permitted at the Willow (3), Cottonwood (3), and Big Creek (1) group-use campsites; and, the Birch (60), the Big Creek (49), and the Cottonwood (23), individual campsite campgrounds. The east side offers Bear Lake camping at four primitive campgrounds at: South Eden (20); Cisco Beach (56); Rainbow Cove (13); and North Eden (10), taking note that all except South Eden are first-come-first-serve, sites. 

Enjoy Camping at Bear Lake & All The Activities the Lake has to Offer! 

You can reserve your campsites at and decide where to camp at Bear Lake ahead of time with your family so that you have the perfect site to explore and enjoy the outdoors. The summer brings water skiing, swimming, scuba diving, and sailing to the lakefront, and fishing for cutthroat, mackinaw and whitefish. While the winter attracts snowmobilers, ice anglers, and eagle watchers. No matter what time of the year, you can enjoy Bear Lake


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