Off-Roading Near Logan

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When you are looking to head out on an adventure outside Cache County, there are plenty of options for you to choose from for Cache County off-roading. The number of trails accessible to residents and visitors alike is quite the thrill. Whether you are looking for serious climbs and maneuvering or simply want to access hunting areas or hiking trails, there’s plenty of off-roading near Logan, Utah. Explore the trails you can access with your off-roading Jeep Wrangler or rugged RAM 1500 near Box Elder County.



Cache County Off-Roading

Logan Peak

If you are looking for off-roading near Providence, Logan Peak is a great place to start. It’s considered a moderate trail, but is the second highest peak overlooking the Cache Valley. It’s a 2.47 mile trail.

Millville Canyon

This is a moderate trail, but a favorite, covering 13.67 miles. Off-roading near Logan provides endless camping, incredible views, and access to a number of trails, including: Providence Canyon, Temple Canyon and Old Ephraim’s Grave Trail. The high elevation and cold temperatures make this accessible just 6 months of the year.

Providence Canyon

Off-roading near Providence can be found right in Providence Canyon. It’s 6.2 miles of trail hidden away from civilization. The trail quickly becomes a challenge with steep climbs and loose rocks, all leading to gorgeous views along the way.

Dip Hollow or Old Ephraim’s Grave

There are 9.2 miles of trails nicknamed after the last known Grizzly Bear in Utah. Aspen groves, beautiful pines, and open valleys are some of the highlights of this trail, but from here you can reach a number of trails. Though it’s not the most challenging trail, it’s a popular option for Box Elder County and Weber County locals or visitors looking to camp or hunt.

Adams Corral

Off-roading near Logan is great when you get deep into the Wasatch Mountains. It’s easy to stay occupied with access to many of the trails mentioned above and so much more! Initially 6.03 miles, there’s an abundance of trail access from this trail.

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