Ford Bronco History

Classic 1970 Ford Bronco Red

The Ford Bronco is back after a hiatus, and it’s already impressing Cache County drivers who want serious power when they’re cruising off the beaten path. This rugged off-road SUV has given out some serious thrills and chills over the years, which is why we’re about to tell you about some classic Ford Bronco history. The early Ford Bronco was a pioneer in many ways, paving the way for today’s modern off-road SUVs with innovation and raw power. Mountain West Motor might not be able to get you a classic Ford Bronco, but our selection of customized and just as well-equipped, off-road ready used Broncos can handle just about anything that the Cache Valley can throw at you.

The Early Ford Bronco (1965–1977)

In 1965, the classic Ford Bronco hit the streets of Box Elder County. It offered off-road toughness in a package that was suitable to the common driver. It was unprecedented in the sense that it styled itself closer to a modern compact SUV. The stark, utilitarian design you enjoy on today’s Bronco was also found on the early Ford Bronco, giving it a tough, bold appeal.

Later Bronco Models (1978–1996)

The Bronco kept on trucking through the ‘70s and ‘80s, but in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the Bronco really came into its own. The ruggedness certainly carried over, but the design kept up with the times while still making a unique statement in Weber County. One particularly loved classic Ford Bronco is the Bronco Silver Anniversary Edition, a rare early Ford Bronco with leather seating.

Today’s Ford Bronco (2021–present)

Now, the Bronco has been revived after roughly a quarter century out of commission. It’s a truly adventurous midsize SUV that pays homage to the classic Ford Bronco while still providing the style and amenities of a modern SUV. Just like early Ford Bronco models, you can detach the roof and doors for a true outdoor adventure.

Find Your Bronco in Logan

If you’re ready to find adventure where the paved road doesn’t go, the Ford Bronco is ready for you, and Mountain West Motor is ready to help you find your Ford. Our sales team is here to help you make sure you’re getting not only the right model, but one that is filled to the brim with the latest in technology. Apply for financing today so that you can take home one of our powerful and rugged off-road ready SUVs with the help of our finance department. 


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